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Hi everybody...

Use my navigation control on the left to find your way around. This is a new site, so I'll be filling in the holes over the next few weeks. This site will be my sketchpad for a while. Material concerning my interests should ultimately find its way here. A lot of things I started and never finished should eventually appear. A lot of stuff sitting around in some of my other sketchpad sites will probably find its way here too.

I just got a digital camera, so there's lots of pictures to look at. I'll have them organized before long, I promise.

Case modding is my new hobby, I guess you could say. I'm nearing completion on my first project, and the details will go on display here. I get a lot of inspiration from the crew at Virtual Hideout. I've always had the desire, but seeing the amazing things in the Cool Case Gallery was what it took to galvanize me into action.

You'll also find some electronics info here that I put together for my friends from the Virtual Hideout Case Modding Lair.

I also have a little corner of this site set aside for some of my screenshots. I run Gnome/Enlightenment on FreeBSD 4.2 these days, and there's some cool things going.

I have a three-year-old son, and I'm expecting another child (son or daughter, we don't know) April 12. We haven't settled down on names yet, so I naturally had to write some software to help. That will be showing up here as soon as I feel like it's ready to go. The ICUS Name Analyzer Page was something that I found really useful, and decided to improve on.

I am a big fan of Photoshop, and I have learned a lot from various web resources. But my all-around hero is Doc Ozone. The man is the master of Photoshop, wonderful web interfaces, DHTML madness and all-around eye-candy for browsers. Check his site out.

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