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Vintage web sites


Miles Xavier, my boy who's three now, had a nice web site of his own. The server that originally hosted it is long gone, but I dug up the files and reposted it here.

The link to send Miles email uses an obsolete address, so please don't use it.

As a special bonus, I'm also posting the Amazing Chumbotron, one of my first website interface experiments. I guess I'm obsessed with slide shows of my kids.

I'm pretty sure the original Amazing Chumbotron worked in Netscape 3. I was just learning JavaScript, and this represents the first substantial client-side script I ever wrote, I guess. I always wanted to put more controls on the thing that actually did stuff. I gess that the slide show of Elizabeth gets me closer to that goal.

All the original coding bugs are intact too, I've resisted the temptation to retouch some of the pages (because it would end up as a complete rewrite).

Almost all the Miles images are 35mm film developed at the local grocery store then scanned on a low end HP scanner. I look at the image quality now and shudder. Elizabeth's pictures are shot from my Fuji FinePix 1400 (low end digital camera--$300/1 Megapixel) and processed (resized mostly) with ImageMagick.

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