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new design


I've worked out a new design for this site. You're really only seeing the preparatory phases right now. I plan to start blogging pretty seriously, and I want things looking right first. To begin with, I've removed all tables from the site (at least for layout purposes), and moved to CSS. Next phase will be to make the whole site skinnable, then followed by storing user color preferences, then customization of content. That's some pretty grandiose plans, I know, but it'll happen.

There have been a few sites that inspired my new plans. Stephen VanDoren's miscminutiae is pivotal because it showed me that CSS was ready to deal with sophisticated layout, that two-dimensional can be quite sophisticated, and that Greymatter was an outstanding tool. Very inspirational.

I saw some fabulous color picker cutomization happening at and knew I had to have that on my site. I plan to go one further and allow your color preferences to persist. Maybe type size too, who knows.

Then Zox's amazing color site inspired me to explore some various color combinations. I'll probably package colors together into themes, instead of letting users pick random colors like at

Inspiration is a wonderful thing.

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