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anti XML


It's not new or anything, but I just read Jorn Barger's anti-XML rant, and I have to admit, I have an appreciation for his contrarian point of view.

I often wonder myself if XML with all the attendant complexity is really such a useful tool. I'm on some XML mailing lists and the typical text coming out of these things is pretty incomprehensible.

I can't parse the tutorial articles most of the time. I wonder how users will ever generate any XML themselves when it's so hard for developers. Jorn postulates that XML is doomed to fail because it doesn't address the fundamental problem of AI. I think it's doomed to collapse under its own complexity.

Jorn's weblog was a pioneering effort--one of the sites that got me interested in blogging. He's kind of overbearing about certain things, but at least he's got some good ideas about information design, and he's not afraid to assert himself.

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