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FreeBSD cheat sheets


This is a good resource for FreeBSD'ers: Dan O'Connor's FreeBSD cheat sheets. Thanks, Dan!

The topics include:

Staying Stable:
Updating Sources with CVSup
Make World
Building a Custom Kernel
Initial Setup:
Installing FreeBSD
Post-Install Cleanup
Setting-up PPP
Bourne-Again Shell
User Accounts
Miscellaneous Cleanup

Secure Shell Services
Network Time Protocol
Mail Services
Apache Web Server
Samba SMB Server
Printer Setup
Printer Drivers for Windows

Advanced Topics:
Changing Password Encryption Libraries
Setting-up a DSL Connection
Setting-up a Cable Modem
Setting-up a Dual-Homed Host
Burning CDs with an ATAPI CD-RW Drive
Setting-up the Console on a Serial Terminal
Changing Console Video Modes
Using Softupdates
Installing a Second Hard Drive
Moving to a Larger Hard Drive

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