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new PHPWebSite theme


[9k screenshot]

Download tabula-rasa, my first theme for PHPWebSite.

Here's my README file:

This is less a theme than a teaching aid or template. This theme is
the result of removong much extraneous noise from the default
theme. More can certainly be removed, but at a cost...

Default uses a harebrained scheme for CSS markup. Seven classes
with identifers "type0" through "type7" are defined in style.css
and sprinkled throughout the markup. Unfortunately, there's little
or no clue to what the meanings of these types are. But with this
theme, it becomes easier to find all the areas on a page that are
described by "typex," and modify the CSS to manipulate them as a
logical grouping of elements.

To find all the elements tagged "typex," set a property in the
CSS rule that makes the element stand out--for instance
"background-color: blue;" would work nicely.

Several other CSS identifiers appear in style.css, many of them
redundant declarations of existing elemnts. I have hunted these
down and killed them, both in the markup and the CSS.

The revamped stylesheet for tabula-rasa amkes better use of
inheritance. The basic attributes of the page are set up in the
CSS rules for the BODY element and the TABLE element. This allows
designers to start with as consistent a look as possible across all
content. Then use the "typex" CSS rules to modify your design.

I have dropped several rules that are used by certain modules. It's
regrettable that the modules appear to have hardcoded these CSS class
attributes, for example "onebiggerred." You can easily introduce your
own rules to handle these elements if you see fit.

Every content table is wrapped in a wrapper table. I have removed the
seemingly random cellpadding and cellspacing attributes from all tables
in an attempt to let you see how these tables nest. Each table has
a two-pixel groove border thanks to the single CSS rule for the TABLE
element. Certain other pages have code that retains the random values
for table cellpadding and cellspacing elements, and you will see this
on pages other than index.php.

Setting up graphic borders around the content tables amounts to adding
cells to the wrapper table with the content table remaining the central
cell. I'll release a tutorial theme that illustrates this shortly.

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