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we have a winner


I'm a winner! I won the Winamp skin contest at with my second entry.

Special thanks to Robert at HiTechMODs, and Henry at Matrix Orbital.

Check out my skin, and dig my fabulous prize.

This PC Drive Bay Insert includes a Serial LCD Display (20 characters x 2 lines) with a 7 key keypad. Embed this unit into a computer to monitor elements of the operating system, MP3 player or other applications.

20 characters x 2 lines
Module size: 116.0mm(L) x 37.0mm(W) x 27.5mm(T)
Display size: 82.2mm(L) x 18.2mm(W)
Character size: 3.20 x 5.55mm
Bracket Dimensions:
146mm(L) x 43mm(W) x 60mm(T)
Face Plate Dimensions:
149mm(L) x 43mm(W) x 2mm(T)
Display color: Yellowish-green backlight and black imaging
Overlay color: PC Beige (standard) or Black (-BK option)
Attractive and durable (coated rust-resistant steel mounting bracket; Lexan faceplate)
Functional Capabilities of Display

Display text, horizontal and vertical bar graphs
Software controlled speed, start-up screen, line wrapping, scrolling, contrast, backlight and time-out setting (up to 180 minutes)
Memory chip saves settings
Custom sign on screen

Serial LCD Display with wide voltage (20 characters x 2 lines) - Product # LK202-25-V
7-key keypad overlay, bracket, RS-232 cable, power cable, and mounting screws
Software and manual on CDROM
Wide Voltage Option

Interface with up to 25-key keypad
Use 6 General Purpose Outputs
RS232 and I2C communications (Connect up to 16 displays over I2C)

RS232 mode: 1200bps to 19.2 Kbps
I2C mode: Serial transfers of up to 100 Kbps
Fully buffered - no delays in transmission
Power Requirements (Ta = 25C, Vin = 12V)

Operates at 0C to +50C
Supply Voltage: +7 to +15Vdc
Supply Current: 25mA typical
Backlight Supply Current: 115mA typical

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