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new linkage section


Well, my hosting provider installed MySQL for me to play with. So I have reimplemented my links page as a db-driven bookmark file. I have been a person who lived by the bookmark file for a long time now, and finally it can travel between browsers with me.

There's a fair bit of magic going on as well--I have a bookmarklet that will take the current page I'm viewing and populate the link submission form with its URL and title. The list of existing categories is displayed, so I can assign a link to an existing category, or I can create a new category on the fly.

It needs a few refinements (like security!), but I'm pretty happy with it so far. Now I need to get my real bookmarks into the thing, which shouldn't take long for the stuff I visit routinely. The bookmarklet thingie makes it a breeze to use. CLick, pick, and submit, and the new link is on the page.

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