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the secret treasure


The other thing I use this site for is as a persistent bookmark file that I can access from any browser. I build it for myself, but maybe you'd find it useful/interesting as well. The new linkage section has my portable bookmark file. I update it almost daily, even if I don't make updates to the main site.

The way it works is interesting. I use Greymatter on the main site for content management functions. It's an excellent tool, and in particular it does one thing that impressed the heck out of me. There's a bookmarklet feature that allows you to click on a browser favorite link that is a Javascript that causes a popup window that allows you to post a link to a site, very automated and extra slick.

I really was startled by the idea of a client-side script shaking hands with a server-side scritp in this way. It changed the way I think about websiteish things. I decided to do a similar trick (ok, a blatant ripoff of the idea) for my bookmark file. I have a bookmarklet that allows me to post any site I'm on into my portable bookmark file on the server with about as little effort as adding it into browser favorites. But it also lets me edit the title and select a category.

Maybe it's not as well organized as it could be--I only have on level of categories. But I find it very very useful. I can add new categories on the fly, and I have a few search forms that are static glued to the top of the page.

But the compelling part for me is the high degree of automation in the content management. I don't doa nything but a few clicks when I find a site I like to add it to my bookmark file. This is web programming at its best. Unfortunately, it doesn't really show through to the readers, it's all for my benefit.

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