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Mining the web server log again


I come up with a lot of interesting stuff by mining the referring URIs to this site. I've found copyright infringers this way, eBay auction seelers hijacking my images, lots of amusement. I even escalated the madness by writing a little PHP script to log and track my referrals from Google queries. Wow, what fun.

So today I turned up an interesting little gold nugget by looking through the regular logs, not a referrer at all.

One of the addresses to whom I served the most content was a dialup customer of a small ISP I hadn't heard of. That's not particularly interesting, except that the host name started off with jc-ks-dial making it very likely that this was someone local. And the domain was, which I'd never heard of. But if they're in my county, maybe I'm interested.

So I quickly get to and figure out these guys are doing wireless broadband, right here on the east coast of Kansas where I live. Whoah. Not in LA or Tokyo or New York, but not too far from my ten acres. In Wichita, actually. Far out.

Well, their website is entirely devoid of technical info, that's a huge bummer. But I wonder what their MAC layer is for their offering? Some proprietary ATM MAC? Surely it can't be 802.11b/a/g. Their site is full of consumer-targeted info (it's called extendSM, that's about as deep as it gets), but empty of the engineering details I need to know. Maybe I'll give them a holler soon.

But anyhow, whoever this is in the log looked at almost 100 pages from my site, and moved more than 8MB over their modem since the first of this month. Howdy, neighbor.

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