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New greymatter 1.3 template set: flyby


This template set contains the flying menu javascript I used to use on this site (but removed a few months ago). Because of the flying menu, this template set uses quirk mode and does not validate as any HTML spec.

Download the zip file, and extract the file inside. Rename your gm-templates.cgi file to something else, rename the gm-templates-lefty.cgi file to gm-templates.cgi, and upload it to your server in ASCII mode. That's about it.

Here's the screenshot of what you'll get.

Some features of this template set:
+ It does not validate as XHTML or much of anything else, thanks to quirk mode
+ It uses a couple javascript functions to make the sidebar follow the scrolling actinon of the page in a smooth manner
+ It's a close copy of the older version of the templates on my site
+ It fluidly adjusts to browser width for just about everyone's preferences
+ It includes karma links by default
+ It is highly commented, especially in the stylesheet, so you can tweak on it to your heart's content, and maybe even learn a little bit about CSS in the process
+ It contains a space at the top for a banner, but I don't include any banner. You'll need to make your own or edit the template accordingly
+ It contains a link to my website, and I would appreciate it if you leave that in place should you choose to use this template.

Hope you all enjoy it.

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