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Where to buy cheap bright LEDs (updated for 2005)


My previous article on buying cheap bright blue LEDs has been very popular, so I thought I'd update things with a new article. I can highly recommend using the Best Hong Kong for incredible deals on bright LEDs and LED products, direct from the manufacturer. And with reasonable shipping anywhere in the world on all purchases, it's an even better deal. I've bought a couple batches of LEDs myself, and have been very satisfied with the service and the products.

This has been one of the best deals around for some time now, so more people should try it out. Besides myself, I have several friends who have done business with this company and been quite pleased. This is a supplier of quality goods with detailed information available right on the product pages including datasheets.

Ken has updated the website so that it's a lot easier to use and works way better. Be a little patient on the shipping-- Hong Kong post takes several days to come.

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