linear Special bulletin

If you are interested in running FreeBSD, and need FreeBSD books, install media, or other related merchandise (the shirts are great), you need to go to BSD Mall. Your purchases will support the project, and everybody wins.

Check out the upcoming new book Absolute BSD while you're there. It should be a valuable addition to your library.


These are screenshots of my workstation "calcium" running FreeBSD 4.2 + Enlightenment 0.16 + Gnome + GTK. Click on a thumbnail to see the 1152x864 screenshot, and buckle up.

20010320-154104.jpg 20010316-140046.jpg 20010321-165131.jpg 20010316-134355.jpg 20010315-093226.jpg 20010405-153847.jpg 20010316-134001.jpg

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